What Are The 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the World?


Most jobs are pretty interesting but some of are actually pretty dangerous. There have been reports of hundreds of fatalities doing these dangerous jobs. You might be wondering what are the most dangerous jobs? So here is the Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the World.

1. Fisher/Related Fish Workers

A fisher’s job is to catch underwear animals in large amounts. This job is dangerous for three reasons. The weather can be extremely hazardous, the equipment is heavy, and they could drown. The fatality rate is 121%.

2. Logging Workers

A logging work’s job is to cut and trim trees down so they can be bought and transported. This is a dangerous job because the trees could fall on you. The cutting equipment could seriously injure you. The terrain is hard. This fatality rate is about 102%.

3. Aircraft Pilots/Flight Engineers
This job requires workers to know how to operate a plane or a helicopter. The testing equipment is dangerous, the emergency response, and the danger of crashes. The fatality rate of this job is 57%

4. Reuse and Recyclable Material Collectors

In this job workers have collect trash and then also compress and transport it. This job is actually dangerous because the equipment is can be very heavy. The traffic is unbearable, and the material is hazardous. Fatality rates for this job is about 41%.

5. Roofer

A roofer has the job of fixing roofs, maintaining them, and installing them. Being a roofer is dangerous mostly because of the heights. You could fall off and get seriously hurt or even die. In the summer, the heat could cause you have heat stroke. Fatality rate is 31%

6. Iron/Steel Workers

An iron/steel worker is supposed to mold metal, set it, and handle it. The dangers of this occupation are again the heights. Another danger is use of heavy materials, and then there’s the welding which could harm you. The fatality rate is 26.9%.

7. Farmers/Ranchers

A farmers/ranchers job is to grow and maintain the livestock and crops. This is a dangerous job only because of operating heavy machinery. So the fatality rate this this job is only 25%.

8. Driver/Sales Workers/Truck Drivers

In this job workers are expected to to be able to transport things by use of a large truck. Another part of this job is selling the things from the truck in a specific location. The job is dangerous only because of heavy traffic, and falling asleep at the wheel. The fatality rate is 24%.

9. Electrical Power Line Installers/Repairers

In this job you have to know how to install or fix wires and cables that are to be used in electrical power systems. The heights and the risk of getting electrocuted are the reasons why this job is unsafe. Their fatality rate is 20%.

10. Taxi Driver/Chauffeurs

This job requires workers to drive people to a specific location. The job is dangerous because of road rage, violence, and again, falling asleep at the wheel. The fatality rate is 19%.